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Our Products

DriverCare is pleased to offer these exclusive insurance products. 

Our dedicated team of Benefit Advisors, specializes in assisting 1099 drivers and is standing by to help you choose the plans that best fits you and your family.


Self Enrollment Now Available for some plans! Click here for details --->


Limited Indemnity

Three plan options, to meet your budget and that pay scheduled medical benefits related to medical expenses (doctor visits, hospital charges and more) with no deductibles.

  • Provides benefits for expenses due to a covered injury or sickness.

  • Benefits are paid directly to the member (unless the member assigns them to the doctor or hospital).

  • Supplements and pays in addition to any other insurance program – no coordination of benefits.


Doctors can be hard to reach, illnesses can occur in the middle of the night, when on vacation, or when you can’t afford to take off of work or miss school.  With Behavioral Health included, sometimes you just need someone to talk to. Call Up A Doc is here to help with all non-life threating situations with $0 cost video or phone consultations with our doctors. If one of the 37 most common Prescriptions are written by telemedicine doctor the copay for that drug is $0.  Discounts up to 80% off apply to other medications!

  • Call a doctor anytime 24-7/365 by phone or video consultations at $0 cost to you.

  • Virtual Counseling at $0 cost.  

  • Virtual Psychologist Service, and Virtual Psychiatrist Service are also available for additional session fees.

RX Plans

Subscribe to one of our three RX service plans and choose the pharmacy package that is right for you! Make the prescriptions you need affordable, save money, and utilize your VIP customer care team as your advocate for the best saving solutions.

  • Live Pharmacy Advocates 8AM to 8PM EST

  • 90 Day Mail Order Options

  • Copays as low as $0, and 3500+ medication formulations at $50 or less.

Max Care Dental

Insured and affordable Dental Plans to make you smile, that include 100% preventive coverage, 80% basic and 50% major service protection. Multiple annual limits up to $5,000 annual max per covered person!

  • No claim forms, No deductibles

  • One of the largest dental networks in the United States.

  • Safe Guard your smile today!

Delta Dental

Whether you need a plan that only covers only preventative maintenance, or a plan which includes coverage for preventative, basic and major services, see if Delta Dental is a fit for you!

- Delta Dental 1000 option allows you to carry over a portion of your unused standard annual maximum benefit limit into the next year, and beyond!

- Large selection of providers through the Delta Dental PPO network.


VSP Vision

See healthy and live happy. As a VSP® member, you get personalized care from a VSP network doctor at low out-of-pocket costs.

-$10 Copay for in-network eye exams

- $25 Copay for materials in network (lenses/contacts)

-In-network discounts on frames in addition to your allowance of $150



Plans available by phone enrollment: 

Life Insurance

Affordable term life insurance that makes sense during your working years and is available at a level premium to age 100! The first $150,000 of coverage is guaranteed-issue  Rates vary by age, coverage level selected and tobacco usage. No blood work or medical exams. A 44 year old could purchase $150,000 in Term to age 100 for only $26.85!

Disability Insurance

provides financial protection in the event you are unable to work for a short period of time due to off the job injury or illness. A 49 year old could purchase a policy providing $2000/month in coverage for $80.00 a month. Up to $3,000 in Guaranteed Issue Disability coverage is now available, call to learn more!

Accident insurance

This accident plan helps offset unexpected medical expenses that can result from a covered accident.  Covers Fractures, Dislocations, Burns, and much more! Starting at less than $15.00 a month!

Critical Illness Insurance

Prepare yourself financially for the added costs of battling a critical illness, the number one cause of bankruptcy in America. This plan provides a lump sum benefit payment up to $30,000 when you or a loved one is initially diagnosed with a heart attack, stroke, paralysis, burns, end-stage renal failure, or invasive cancer. Purchase $15,000 in coverage today for less than $30 a month! Or go as high as $30,000 with no health questions!

Cancer Insurance

Cancer insurance pays cash benefits for cancer to help with the costs associated with treatments and expenses as they happen. Our Cancer coverage can help provide added financial support when it is needed most


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