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AAIC & DriverCare

The American Association of Independent Contractors (AAIC) was incorporated as a non-profit membership association chartered in Texas, in 2005. AAIC was founded to improve the lives of individuals and families, that are self-employed, professionals, and more.  We strive to provide programs, research, instruction, training and other information to the our members for the purpose of enhancing consumer awareness in areas related to economics, finance, health and wellness, social, environmental and other human issues which make a difference in our world. 

As our nationwide membership grows, AAIC is able to bring to leverage this group buying power for its members. AAIC identifies the needs of its members and researches the nation’s top providers of products and services to satisfy those needs and negotiates favorable pricing for its members. Membership packages may consist of insured, non-insured benefits and consumer savings programs. AAIC is NOT an insurance company. Members will have access to insured benefits through the group policies that have been issued to AAIC by top rated insurance companies. AAIC is in the business of offering the best class of products and services on the market. 
For many years, large corporations have had an advantage over individuals, the self-employed and small businesses when it comes to negotiating product and service options. AAIC seeks to level the playing field through research, provision, and education about the options available to our members.

We look forward to the opportunity to service your member needs promptly, personally and dependably. 

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